Buh Bye Blab: How to Choose the Best Live Streaming Platform for your Business Goals

UPDATE: This is before Blab has gone out of service, but the principles and steps shared can be applied to other live streaming platforms such as Facebook LIVE, Firetalk, Huzza.io, Crowdcast, Smiletime, YouTube LIVE, and Periscope. 



4:37 – Why did you decide to start using live streaming?

6:53 – Why did you decide to use Blab?

7:54 – Tips on how to get started and gain traction using live streaming.

11:52: – Tips on variables to test on whether to continue with live streaming experiment.

14:35 – How to create topics for your live streams and organize them?

17:08 – How has sticking to a schedule and being consistent helped you grow your community?

18:53 – How to market your live streams and encourage your followers to engage and share?

22:15 – How to get acclimated with the culture of a live stream platform?

25:12 – How to create raving fans while live streaming and develop your own language?

30:00 – Tips to distinguish yourself and stand out from everyone else on live streaming.