Four Different Ways to Use Facebook Live

There are 4 different ways to use Facebook Live:

1. Stream Live on Your Personal Profile.

Not everyone has this option but if you do, it’s a great way to connect with your friends. Avoid talking blatantly about your business and giving links because this is against the Facebook T&C and they can shut your account.

Have you heard about the latest update?! Facebook will soon provide analytics on your personal profile and not just your Facebook fan page…. but it will not be as comprehensive. 📲 📸

2. Stream Live on Your Business Page

Everyone has this option and you should do that if your goal is to build your Facebook Page. Your Facebook Live will get more reach than any other image or post. One great tip I do, is I share my Business Page stream directly to my personal wall so my friends will see it that way.

ADDITIONAL TIP: For those who leave comments and/or likes… click on more to and press the “INVITE” button so you can get new fans 📲 📸

3. Stream Live in Facebook Group

Only the people in the group will see it so it’s a great way to do private trainings and challenges. If you want to make it exclusive, do it in a group.

This is a great opportunity even to create a membership product where you charge monthly subscription and provide access through this group. 📲 📸

4. Stream in a Facebook Event.

You can go live to remind attendees of your event. This will ensure they don’t just RSVP in Facebook, but also put the event in their calendar too.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Stream your EVENT BEFORE as a “behind the scenes” preview showing attendees what goes on as you setup (this is especially great if your event is offline) and then do some time DURING to provide teasers and encourage attendees to join if he/she has forgotten. 📲 📸