[Case Study] How Publix conducted a NEAR PERFECT Facebook Live for 8 Hours

This past Saturday, Publix hosted a 8-hour Facebook Live almost to complete perfection. Why almost? We will tackle that in a bit, but first let me geek out on ya and showcase major highlights from this recent Facebook Live campaign that brands, businesses, and even online entrepreneurs can learn from to emulate similar results for […]

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Russell Brunson​ Method: How to Step Up Your Facebook "LIVES"!

I am a huge fan Russell Brunson & I am always on the lookout of the latest and greatest of utilizing Facebook Live for your Biz! The major complaint I hear people say is that "They Don't Have Time to Go Live..."Well check this..."Don't have time for live streaming? Do your usual work and set up live streaming in the background to show behind the scenes." HERE IS A REAL-WORLD example that is happened this week![LIVESTREAM WORKFLOW & REMINDER]1. I received a personal message on Facebook Messenger from Russell Brunson (founder of Clickfunnels) that he is going to create his new masterclass and to watch him do it live.How did he send it to me? I clicked on his new messenger ad for the new book he just launched that is not even available on Amazon yet. As a result, I'm on his "email list" for Facebook Messenger.2. He is going live for several hours for the next 3 days and doesn't stop going live when he takes breaks.... he plays personal branding commercials during those times.Notes:He is simulcasting on YouTube Live and Facebook Live.He is allocating time to do Live Q &A with viewers and his team is taking screenshots of comments and will bring them up on the screen.Here are all of the screenshots with the order of the Workflow described.Step 1: Notify your tribe before you go live... don't just go live (he used Facebook Messenger)Step 2: Announces the new class and encourages people to join in and leave questions and comments - provides a thorough description on Facebook which you will see on the rightStep 3-4: Teaches Content - He USES STORIES as much as possible to highlight a point (STORYTELLING IS KEY)Step 5: Takes a break and plays a commercial with a countdown timer in the lower right.I call it the Russell Brunson Method: How to Step Up Your Facebook "LIVES"!

Posted by Monique Johnson on Friday, May 19, 2017

Russell Brunson Method: 5 Steps to Step Up Your Facebook “Lives”

Don’t have time to stream on Facebook Live? The major complaint I hear people say is that “They Don’t Have Time to Go Live…” Well check this… “Don’t have time for live streaming? Do your usual work and set up live streaming in the background to show behind the scenes.” HERE IS A REAL-WORLD example […]

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How to Be #Yourself: The use of Storytelling & Strategy with LIVE Video

Posted by Monique Johnson on Thursday, February 16, 2017

How to Be #YourSelf: Live Video Storytelling & Strategy

Brian Fanzo’s #ThinkLikeAFan philosophy has powered first-of-their-kind storytelling campaigns for many Fortune 50 enterprise companies leveraging Periscope, Snapchat, and Facebook Live. Storytelling and Live video storytelling is the ground he stands upon. In 2016, Brian keynoted in 10 countries at more than 40 events highlighting his passion for change, collaboration and community. He was also […]

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The #1 Issue Authors Face is NOT Writing The Book - Join the Best Sellers Event hosted by Ron Douglas & Alice Seba: Link will appear at the 6:56 mark in the video to join :)

Posted by Monique Johnson on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The #1 Issue Authors Face is NOT Writing The Book

25 minutes viewing time.  The #1 Issue Authors Face is NOT Writing The Book. Join the Best Sellers Summit here: bit.ly/bestsellerssummit The #1 issue is getting eyeballs and not having *crickets* going off in the background when you are ready to launch it on Amazon if you are self-publishing it. The #1 Issue Authors face is […]

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Turning to Tech When Tech Fails: How Delta Airlines Can Use Facebook LIVE to Communicate with its Customers During a Power Outage Crisis Part 2

 Yesterday Delta Airlines Corporation experienced another power outage, but thank goodness it was not as catastrophic as the one they experienced last year. This power outage lasted for only 2.5 hours and it grounded 150 flights with several passengers left stranded across the nation. However, international flights were not affected. According to Bloomberg and the […]

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Buh Bye Blab: How to Choose the Best Live Streaming Platform for your Business Goals

UPDATE: This is before Blab has gone out of service, but the principles and steps shared can be applied to other live streaming platforms such as Facebook LIVE, Firetalk, Huzza.io, Crowdcast, Smiletime, YouTube LIVE, and Periscope.    Questions/Notes: 4:37 – Why did you decide to start using live streaming? 6:53 – Why did you decide […]

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Live streaming is More Than Hitting a Button on Your Smartphone

This was first published on Small Business Trends: https://smallbiztrends.com/2016/02/johnson-livestreaming-best-practices.html   In January 2016, Periscope co-founder and CEO Kayvon Beykpour announced more than 100 million broadcasts have been created since Periscope’s launch in March of 2015. Not only are lots of people using Periscope on their phones to easily broadcast videos, but even more people are watching them. According to […]

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